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  • Hoppler Team
  • 30/12/1899

Meanwhile somewhere in the Eurozone, a story about friendship and business, kinda...


So let’s say four people live in a flat. Three have great jobs and one is a student. The student’s parents pay the rent but he has no money to go out with his friends. So this student, let’s call him Stephanos (his friends call him Stef), asks his flat mates for cash to go out all the time.

They like Stef, he’s a fun person to be with, so they lend him money to go partying. Hey, they even buy him drinks now and again. So as time passes, everyone gets used to this set-up. But soon, the three who have jobs find that their salaries are cut.

I mean they still have jobs, but not earning quite as much. So they decide that their leader, let’s call him Wolfgang (his friends call him Wolfie), should have a chat with Stef.

Wolfie – Hey Stef, vee’ve all decided that you should pay us back the money vee’ve been giving you these last few years.

Stef – Oh a really. I thought they were like gifts. I mean, I don’t have any money, I kinda spent it all. I don’t have a job. What do you mean, you wanna it back? Come one, we’re having such a good time guys.

Wolfie – Vell I know you’re a lot of fun buddy, but vee’ve had enough and vee’ve decided that you need to pay us back. Not only that, you have to do the vashing up and laundry for the next year.

Stef – You gotta be a kidding! I canna do that, I need to study. I mean It’s not fair. Can’t we just forget about it and go back to how it was?

Wolfie – Sorry. If you don’t agree, I’m afraid you’ll have to leave the flat as vell.

Stef – But I gotta nowhere to go. I don’t have job and …. you can’t just kick me out like that.

Wolfie– Vee can and vee will, buddy. It’s nothing personal, just business.

Stef – But you guys are my ….. friends …..!

Wolfie – This is vhat friends do. They help you to learn. You know the hard vay. How can you be responsible if you don’t suffer a bit.

Stef – But do you have to kick me outa the house? I mean I will have to go and a live on the streets, maybe end up doing drugs, could get even killed…. please ……please …..

Wolfie – Hold on let me talk to the udders…….…..OK vee’ve decided to give you one last chance to get your act together. Now go out and look for a job.

Stef – Oh you guys are great. Let’s go out and celebrate. Someone lend me 100 euros…….


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