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Why We Need to Learn Vocabulary

  • Hoppler Team
  • 30/12/1899

Why vocabulary is so important in learning a new language


In fact we need to develop three main areas when learning a second language. The first indeed is vocabulary. We need to know the words that represent things, whether those things are real or abstract, we cannot communicate without vocabulary.

The second is a knowledge of the structure so we can build sentences and know the rules by which vocabulary is put together. Like building a wall, the vocabulary terms are the bricks and the grammar is the cement. To make a strong solid wall we need both. They complement each other perfectly.

The third is knowledge of pronunciation, intonation and flow. This is of course evident in speaking and to be a confident speaker, the learner should master these skills too.

But of all these three the most important of all for simple and efficient communication is vocabulary. You can survive without the other two. But if you donít know the words for things, your communication stops.

Vocabulary is not easy to learn well, as we have to pass new words from short term to long term memory. But using traditional and modern techniques, we can effortlessly acquire vast amounts of knowledge very quickly.

Hoppler English has a great tool for learning vocabulary - Memorizer. You can build your own vocabulary lists with definitions or translations and use the APP to test yourself. It's fast, efficient and highly effective.

And unlike learning grammar, learning vocabulary is more enjoyable as we can feel improvement very quickly, which motivates us to continue. And motivation is undoubtedly the greatest driver of learning.


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